Daily Life

A collaborative performance about the struggles women go through on a daily basis. Written by Adriana Ribeiro. Performed by Adriana Ribeiro, Elena Balboa, Bárbara Novelli and Róisín Jenkinson at the book launch of trinta e dois quilos at The Beerhouse, Capel Street.

Mama Say Make I Dey Go, She Dey My Back

Jelili Atiku created this performance and movement for La Biennale di Venezia 2017, which integrated the intersection of processional rituals, fashion, mystical and abstract sound, and rituals with natural resources and objects. It was created to direct attention to the potency of feminine energy, body ritual and ontology so as to serve as a point of reasoning and catalysts to our utopia. The focus is to create discourses on re-thinking on the essence of women to the wellbeing of humanity and activate a shift in consciousness towards the direction and adoption of the values of feminine energy. It believes that enhancement of feminine energy and freedom of women would release the power of human development, peace, harmony and creative energies in the world. Róisín was one of the 72 women who participated.

Untitled performance

Róisín created an improvised and interactive performance with iridescent film at 4D Space’s Zine launch (second issue) at The Workman’s Club. This performance represents the re-emergence and reactivation of Róisín performing with the iridescent film.

The Storyteller

Róisín performed this as a way of exploration and research for her Graduate show project. She interceded by reading aloud a section of her story at different intervals throughout the event, while also sitting as an observer for Livestock – performance art platform at The Complex, Little Mary Street. Photography by Amber Baruch.

Untitled performance

This was Róisín’s first live performance, where she activated 20 metres of iridescent film that hung from a balcony to trail the length of the floor, by using her arms to walk beneath the material, for Livestock – performance art platform's Sacred Space, during Dublin Live Art Festival Winter 2015, at St Laurence, Grangegorman.