Róisín-Anne Jenkinson is a visual and live artist, poet and curator. She has poetry published in numerable anthologies and has self-published books, including her most recent book Within Nature (2018). She has exhibited work in Dublin and Cork and performed in a variety of places, including La Biennale di Venezia (May 2017). She has curated both literary and performance events since 2016 and written several reviews for inaction.ie.

Róisín’s current project is a series of café exhibitions entitled Everything has its place. They are intended to continue discussions on our political climate regarding immigration and integration and what it means to belong. Each exhibition also has its own specific focus and invites you to rest and reflect, and support independent cafés.

Róisín conveys and reflects on themes of belonging, acceptance, identity and where we come from. Common motifs throughout her work include light, nature, sacred geometry and strength in vulnerabilities. Her work is meditative, reflective and transcendental as she creates from a place of rest and brings clarity, empathy and understanding through her words. She also enjoys collaborating with other artists and is interested in the point where intention and intuition meet.

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